Elephants and Fleas Transcend Your Limitations by Steven Dark

Elephants and Fleas Transcend Your Limitations by Steven Dark

Elephants and Fleas by Steven Dark is about transcending the illusions of our limitations with a Step-by-Step Plan to help anyone make Valuable & Permanent Life Changes. The focus is not on what was or that which could have been but instead encourages us to look forward, to make progress and to move, STEP-BY-STEP towards that which we truly desire.

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The Elephants & Fleas Foundation is a non-profit web-based project helping individuals ‘transcend their learned and externally imposed limitations for a better life through greater fulfilment and happiness. Changing lives one day at a time.

Primordial Gnosis: The Forbidden Religion

Primordial Gnosis: The Forbidden Religion

Primordial Gnosis: The Forbidden Religion

Gnosis means knowledge. But we are not referring to just any knowledge. Gnosis is knowledge which produces a great transformation in those who receive it. Knowledge capable of nothing less than waking up man and helping him to escape from the prison in which he finds himself. That is why Gnosis has been so persecuted throughout the course of history, because it is knowledge considered dangerous for the religious and political authorities who govern mankind from the shadows.

Every time this religion, absolutely different from the rest, appears before man, the other religions unite to try to destroy or hide it again.

Primordial Gnosis is the original Gnosis, true Gnosis, eternal Gnosis, Gnostic knowledge in its pure form. Due to multiple persecutions, Primordial Gnosis has been fragmented, distorted and hidden.

By recovering and uniting the scattered fragments, Primordial Gnosis can be reconstructed and brought to the world once again. This book is a complete synthesis of the forbidden theology of Primordial Gnosis.

Primordial Gnosis: The Forbidden Religion
Jose M. Herrou Aragon presents his book on Primordial Gnosis, the original Gnosis, the true Gnosis, the eternal Gnosis, Gnostic knowledge in its pure form. Available as free download.


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